Hot Race BIG Amazzonia 1/8 Buggy Tires (RUBBER ONLY) (SOLD PER SET)

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Hot Race Tyres have introduced the BigAmazzonia tyres for 1/8 nitro buggy and E-buggy. Specifically designed for medium/high grip tracks, the BigAmazzonia features a pattern big inside and smaller outside for improved wear characteristics while having good grip. The pattern is similar at the most famous pattern by HotRace, the Amazzonia tyres, but after several tests with HotRace drivers, the tyre wear is almost 35-40% less of standard Amazzonia and offers a car much more easy to drive, but with less overall grip. Hot Race recommends using the BigAmazzonia tyres in medium-high grip conditions. The tyre comes as a pair and it is available in Super Soft, Soft, Medium and Hard compounds.


Compound Applications: 
Super Soft50-66°F (10-19°C)
Soft: 68-84°F (20-29°C)
Medium: 86-95°F (30-35°C)
Hard: 69°F and Up (36°C+)