Jetski 1/10 Off-Road Buggy Body - (Clear)

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TRU-FORM presents the "Jetski"... This fully adjustable 1/10 Off-Road body excels on the high traction conditions of today's 1/10 racing environments.  Whether it be on the carpet, astroturf, or indoor clay tracks, the "Jetski" can be fined tuned by trimming the front or rear of the body shorter or longer to move the cab of the body more forwards or more rearwards.  After extensive testing on multiple 1/10 tracks around the country, we have found that running a more cab-forward body provides a touch more steering and aggression at high speeds.  The opposite can be said when running the cab more rearwards and at the end of the day, you can always decide to run the cab in the neutral position for a little bit of the best from both worlds.  It's time to elevate your 1/10 game with the "Jetski" by TRU-FORM.  

**Body fits both the Team Associated B6 and the XRAY XB2.  May require slight trimming for a perfect fit.**

Artwork by EZ Customs- Airbrush Graffix