EZPOWER LiPo 5000mAh 7.6v 2s 140/70c HV Graphene (5mm Bullets)

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New Ezpower Lipo Battery of the "High Power" Short Pack type with increased capacity to 5000mah 7.6v HV. This model also adopts the new Graphene HV Ezpower technology for maximum performance and efficiency of the battery itself. With rigid Hard Case and new 5mm connectors.
Suggested for all categories in 1:10 scale, this Shorty battery is of the "High Power" type with maximum boost values, therefore recommended for 1:10 or 1:8 categories in tracks and categories where boost is the priority!
This Ezpower HV Graphene Lipo Battery is part of the new "Double-sided" range,thanks to the connectors accessible from both sides it can be mounted on your model car in any direction and on any side, according to your needs!

Also included in the package are a set of gold-plated male connectors